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You want your home to be your sanctuary

There’s a reason you live in the place you do—you love it! But…it could use a little work. You need a bit of maintenance here and have some upgrade projects there. In fact, you’re always looking for ways to increase the value of your property and make it a beautiful place where friends and family can gather.






Exterior & Interior Maintenance


Commercial services

Small repairs & odd jobs

Snow removal

With so much on your list, it's hard to know where to start

Over the years, your to-do list has piled up with all the house projects you wish you could get to. Some tasks have been left because you don’t have time and others are undone because you don’t know who to call. No matter the reason, it can feel overwhelming to get started when there’s so much to do. You know the results will be worth it, but the sanctuary you’re dreaming of seems so far away right now.

Marshall Property Services cares for your home as if it's ours

Sometimes you just need an extra hand. At Marshall Property Services, we offer painless, fun and purpose-filled property services because we believe when your home looks good, you feel good! You can trust us to take care of your Comox Valley property in any season.

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We'll take care of all the details

Some projects have a lot of moving parts and we take pride in handling even the smallest detail to give your job the quality it deserves. We know how great it feels to have a beautiful home! 

Our working agreement happens in four easy steps.

  • Contact us to set up a meeting
  • Together we’ll review and assess your needs
  • We’ll source quotes from vendors, and bring them to you to review together
  • Once we’ve agreed on the scope of work, we’ll get started!

At Marshall Property Services, we have the necessary experience and connections to get the job done right. Our happiness guarantee means if we do a job for you, it’s not done until you’re satisfied. We honour our agreements to finish on time and finish well.

Tell us about your project today

Getting started is quick and easy. Fill in the form letting us know about your project and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

Expect professional, friendly and on-time services

Whether we’re taking care of an emergency issue or completing a long-needed restoration project, we’ll see the entire project through from beginning to end, on time and within budget. At Marshall Property Services, we take care of small issues before they become big problems so you can feel secure and confident that the job is being done right.

Keep overwhelm at bay with Marshall Property Services

If you have a project collecting dust for whatever reason, you know how frustrating it is to never seem to get to it. For so many of us, that day doesn’t come without a helping hand. Let Marshall Property Services take care of your landscaping, small repairs and maintenance jobs to increase the value of your property, do that important preventative maintenance or avoid expensive, unnecessary repairs down the road. We’ll take it off your plate so you can stop feeling guilty and start enjoying your sanctuary.


I can highly recommend Spencer and his team for any maintenance work. I hired him to help me with a project on Hornby Island and they were very reliable, professional, friendly and got the job done in time and on budget. Looking forward to many more opportunities in the future to work with them.


We recently had Spencer and his team assist with our move. They were cheerful and focused and were super flexible with what turned out to be more work than we had anticipated (though maybe that comes with the territory when it comes to moving). I definitely felt that Spencer cared about the experience and was dedicated to seeing the job get done.

I highly recommend Marshall Property Services. When delivering our furniture the crew was extra careful and thoughtful to make sure our home and new purchases didn’t get damaged. They were professional, friendly, and on time. I would definitely use them again!

Create a place you love spending time in

Maintaining a property is a never-ending job—there’s always something to do! Let our team and technicians alleviate the burden and overwhelm so you can feel inspired, excited and enthusiastic every time you think about your home.